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Are you someone with innovative ideas, dream of building a business and have the mind-set to go for it?
Let’s get in action with the Start to Startup Program.

Start to Startup Program

If you think a great idea is worth a million, you are a million times wrong

Let me first crush your dreams by saying you will probably not have the million dollar idea, for the main reason that ideas are just ideas. It takes so much more than an idea and the right mind-set to have a successful startup. We have grown up by the success stories off Google, Apple and Facebook, but we forgot about all the other brilliant entrepreneurs that “failed” before they became who they are now. Because it is likely that you will fail (a lot), as have we and many others. Failing it just another step to towards reaching your next goal, failing is part of life. We cannot promise you that you will not fail after this course, only that you will be ready to stand back up again.

For this program we will be using:

The Lean Startup

The 24 steps for a successful startups

Business Model Canvas

Golden Circle of Simon Sinek

Establish your vision and team

If your vision is clear for everyone and they stand behind it, the foundation will be there to conquer future obstacles. Without a team you have no startup. Together we will work on this dream team.

The WHY Why start this startup?

If your goal is money, you already failed. Not because you will not make money as a startup, but money can never be the goal if you want to succeed (at least not in being happy). We will help you get touch with the Golden Circle of Simon Sinek and implement it in your startup.

Market segmentation & beachhead market

Before you just start to focus on a market, you should first identify all the potential markets first. After that we can focus on the market that will get you off the ground! A market that will enable you to get to new markets in the future.

Understanding your customer

The goal of your startup should be about solving a real problem or delivering great value. There are different theories, books, models, but mainly it is about talking to (real) customers and getting to know them (the Lean Startup way). Even better, be that customer if able!

Creating your Business (Model)

A lot of startups just fill in the Business Model Canvas and never look at it again. The model is a good start, but it’s just a model. Instead we will focus on that part of your business that helps you grow and generate revenue. We will build a scalable business model the investors are looking for.

Becoming the Lean Startup!

We have seen smart entrepreneurs develop great things… that never really sold. Because they did not generate real value for customers that were willing to buy it or failed to market is properly. With the lean startup we will test and validate your assumptions and pivot if needed. It is all about finding the right product-market-fit.

Build your Minimal Viable Product (MVP)

After you identified your beachhead market and found a solution that will solve a real problem or generate great value, you are ready to build prototypes. To test if your assumptions are correct and customers get value out of your solution, you will be building a MVP.


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Start to Grow Up Program

If you think marketing is about advertisement, social media or selling products, it is likely your startup is in trouble

Do you have a startup or scale-up and struggle to grow to that next level? Could it be a blind spot in your business, do you need to pivot, have new strategies in place or are you just in need of funding? Check the Start to Grow Up Program and let the grow out!

For this program we will be using:

The Lean startup

The 24 steps for a successful startup

Real Investor Guidelines

Business Model Canvas

Growth Hacking

Your competitive advantage

Why should customers buy your product, why are you different from the others? The most common mistake of startups is thinking that they don’t have competitors. You always do! Learn from them and find out what makes you different, better than them.

Minimal Viable Business Product (MVBP)

After you tested your MVP with real customers and tested your assumptions. In a later stage you will be able to build a Minimal Viable Business Product (MVBP), a MVP that can be sold to customers.

Launch your product!

To enter a new market, you will need strategies in place. We will help you establish a strategy to enter your market, marketing plan and how to position yourself in the market.

Become investor ready

Try to bootstrap as long as you can. Only find investors when you want to grow your business to the next level. We will help you improve your pitch deck based on investor guidelines and bring you in contact with my investor network.

Establish Growth

To establish growth, you will need to have a scalable business model, growth strategy and a holistic approach to your customer journey (growth hacking). You may need partners and hire new team members to achieve this.


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Ready for the future

As a large organisation or company it is always hard to be innovative. But why? There are several reasons, but the main reason is people. People innovate, not technologies or processes. Although these two are needed to establish innovation. In most organisations people are not used to innovate, do not know how or are not enabled to be innovative. With a good innovation process, clear vision on innovation and a culture for innovation, you will be ready to generate innovation.

Improve your innovation process

In the process of developing your own Dragon’s Den or corporate startup? Just wait a moment and hear me out.

Why do we innovate? This is the most fundamental question you have to ask yourself when you want to invest in innovation. We have seen companies invest a lot in innovation, without getting any good results.

Innovations is just a strategy and a means to achieve your goals. We will help you to lay the foundation for innovation and get the team ready. What we can do for you:

  • Establish the innovation vision, goals and strategy
  • Train your team and get the right culture in place
  • Set up the right (multidisciplinary) team(s)
  • Get the ‘Lean Startup Method’ in place
  • Supply models how to analyse innovation projects based on business criteria
  • Develop (together with you) solutions to innovate (corporate startups, Dragons Den, venture teams, innovation labs, etc.)

Build your innovation program

Are your innovations failing over and over again without any good results?

Especially in large and complex organisations (like hospitals), it is often hard to manage innovation and to keep track of it. During our research we developed an innovation process that can be used to map your innovation process and improve it.

  1. Analysis of your current innovation process
  2. Establish the current culture and improve it to the innovation culture
  3. Get an innovation process in place with people, process and technologies

Personal Leadership Coaching

Why do people (think they) need leaders? Because they fail in leading themselves.

Do you own a business, manage a team, are stuck and want to find your purpose in life or just want to improve yourself as a person, this coaching may be something for you.

Become a better (personal) leader

Find your true purpose in life

Become more effective

Connect with your team

Pitch Like a Pro!

In this 2-4 hours online course, we will train you and your team in how to pitch themselves like a pro. This course is based on famous pitch coaches, investor guidelines and successful pitches.

Why join this course:

Be ready for potential investors, partners and clients

Learn how to make people listen to you and bring in action

Impress jury members during startup competitions with your pitch

Become confident when presenting yourself

What we will do during this cours

Create the script of your story

Pitching is just telling a story that embodies you. You will be coached how to create your own storyline. With the use of exercises you will be trained to create a pitch worth listening to.

Pitch like a pro

We will be working on your pitching skills to make you ready for any audience.

Practice on your pitch

During this training you and your team will practice the pitch you created and work on improvement.

The most important things about pitching

Pitching is not only about what you say but also how you say it. During this training you will learn all you need to know about how to give the perfect pitch and the do’s and don’ts.


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